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An extranet is really part Internet, part intranet.  It allows a company to give selected partners access, to parts of the company's intranet thus creating a secure customer network as a way of effectively sharing information.  This connection of networks that links all of these people of common interest is done over IP (Internet Protocol) networks.  

Extranets, therefore,  allow a company to use the Internet's infrastructure as a pathway  for communication. Multiple organizations can now share information or allow organizations to expand their boundaries over wide geographical areas and maintain cohesiveness. 

Leased lines and dedicated are now being replaced by extranets as companies embrace the opportunity to not only keep in touch with those inside their own enterprise, but reach out to those outside the enterprise such as business partners, supplier or customers. 

Future-Net can help you design and implement your Extranet which will place you at the forefront of the corporate world and give you an unbelievable competitive advantage. We are ready to make this alluring concept a reality for you by helping you extend your Web applications to those that mean the most to you.  

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Sharing Information is perhaps the most exciting and productive aspect of Internet Technology. This phenomenon called an intranet, made possible by advancements in browser-based software for the Internet, allows you to share information like never before within your organization.  It is a private network utilizing Internet type tools, but available only to members within the same organization.  

What's the one commodity today that you still can't buy?  TIME
Intranets give you more time by reducing the amount of time spent accessing company information.  Especially in the case of large organizations, intranets provide employees with an easy access mode to corporation records using the same type of tools to go outside the company. 

Future-Net can help you design and implement your Intranet that will improve the relationships between your employees and the organization.  Empowered individuals are proactive and they don't wait to be told what to do.  There's no time for waiting anymore.  Let us help you stay on top of the corporate world by helping you rise above the competition.  

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Network Cabling typically costs about 2% of the total network, however if not properly planned and installed by certified technicians, can contribute to up to 50% of network problems.

Future-Net, we take cabling seriously. We specialize in state-of-the-art, voice and data, integrated wiring systems which will support any voice system, faxes, modems, any mainframe computer system and any Local Area Network (LAN) application with 100 Mhz bandwidth. The intention of this design is to be able to support data and voice systems for at least the next ten years.

Administration of the building communication wiring should be simple and straightforward with color-coding and numbering of all panels and outlets in a user-friendly format. With Future-net's wiring systems, we ensure that this is so.

The requirements of this wiring system have been established through recommendations Of the IEEE/EIA/TIA 568A, and BICSI for horizontal premise wiring. We provide Open System Architecture products that are UL and CSA Listed and meet AT&T, Bell Core, and All FCC specifications.

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