What is Blended Training?

Blended Training is a mix of Instructor-Led, eLearning and virtual classroom solutions. Future-Netís blended training comprises online video taped lectures and exercises combined with instructor lead labs. Access to instructors via email to facilitate answers to questions is provided.

Over the past 10 years, the IT training pendulum has swung to 2 extremes. First there was instructor lead training. Instructor lead training was effective for IT professionals who do not have a lot of industry experience. If you lack a year or more of hands-on installation, configuration and troubleshooting experience, then you needed the assistance of an instructor. Things don't always work like they say in the book or with simulations so the traditional Instructor-lead class with approximately 60% lecture and 40% labs, was the most popular type of training.

Then the pendulum swung to the opposite extreme. Computer Based Training exploded onto the market. This form of training however has very limited results. The number of IT professionals who have actually gotten their MCSE, A+ or other certification by simply using a CD at home or work are few. For some it has taken up to 5 years. Variations to CBT have met with the same results. Once a qualified instructor combined with hands-on lab exercises are totally removed from the picture, results are not satisfactory.

Enter Blended Training! Future-Netís Blended Training solution is by far the best option. Primarily because regardless of how nicely the simulations might work in your online training class or with CBT, you still need to get the down and dirty experience of how things actually work. If you couple your online training experiences with a live network, real life labs and a real instructor, you'll be in good shape for learning the material and making the most of your training dollar.

A typical 5 day instructor lead course, converted to blended training would require 2 days in a classroom setting plus online videotaped lectures and exercises.