Module 1: Introduction to Computers

Module 2: Understanding Electronic Communication

Module 3: An Overview of the Personal Computer

Module 4: The Central Processing Unit

Module 5: Power Supplies

Module 6: Motherboard and ROM BIOS

Identify POST codes and take appropriate corrective action when a problem is identified


Module 7: Memory

Module 8: Expansion Buses, Cables, and Connectors

Module 9: Basic Disk Drives

Module 10: Advanced Disk Drive Technology

Module 11: The Display System

Module 12: Printers

Module 13: Portable Computers

Module 14: Connectivity and Networking

Module 15: Telecommunications: Modems and the Internet

Module 16: Operating System Fundamentals

Module 17: Introducing and Installing Microsoft Windows

Module 18: Running Microsoft Windows

Module 19: Maintaining the Modern Computer

Module 20: Upgrading a Computer

Module 21: Troubleshooting Techniques and Client Relations

Module 22: The Basics of Electrical Energy

Define some common guidelines for electrical safety