Introduction to Computers Course Outlines

This course teaches the basic concepts of PC hardware and software, and introduces students to the basic functions and features of Windows 95.  This course not only increases each studentís marketability in the workplace, but provides:

  • Hands-on practice.

  • Background knowledge necessary as a prerequisite before students learn more about PC hardware and software.

  • The skills necessary to quickly become proficient using Windows 95.

Day 1

Getting Started: Introduction

Lesson 1: Defining Computers

Defining Computers
Describing the History of Computers

Lesson 2: Identifying Hardware Components

Describing the Microprocessor
Describing Memory
Describing Monitors
Describing Keyboards
Describing Peripherals

Lesson 3: Discussing Disk Drives and Floppy Disks

Describing Floppy Disk Drives and Floppy Disks
Describing Hard Disks
Caring for Floppy Disks and Hard Disks
Describing CD-ROM Drives

Lesson 4: Exploring Software

Describing Operating Systems
Describing Application Software

Lesson 5: Navigating through Windows 95

Touring the Desktop
Using the Start Menu

Shutting Down the Computer

Lesson 6: Working with Windows

Working and Closing Windows
Moving and Sizing Windows
Switching between Open Windows
Working with Menus

Lesson 7: Using Windows Explorer

Starting Windows Explorer
Defining Folders and Files
Viewing Folders and Files
Starting Applications and Accessing Resources

Lesson 8: Working with Folders and Files

Creating Folders
Moving and Copying Files
Deleting and Retrieving Folders and Files

Lesson 9: Working with Floppy Disks

Formatting Floppy disks
Copying Files to Floppy Disks
Copying Floppy Disks

Lesson 10: Purchasing a Computer System

Describing a Needs Analysis
Performing a Needs Analysis

Responsibility of the Student

Each student must study all information learned in the course after normal classroom hours so that he/she may gain a firmer grasp of the information covered.   This allows students to detect any weak areas that they may have and enables them to seek out the assistance of the instructor.

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