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E-Biz Training and Certification


Duration- 3 days, Instructor Lead                     


Course Objectives


After completing this course, students will know how to:

  • Discuss the concept of e-business, hybrids, key e-business drivers and the Internet in it's basic terminology.

  • Discuss E-CRM, the CRM model, profiling tools, marketing campaign management, Internet marketing tools and technologies, relationship optimization and the CRM continuum.

  • Describe electronic commerce, e-marketplace, electronic purchasing, e-commerce security issues, Internet fraud issues, and compare leading companies in the field of e-commerce.

  • Describe SCM, list and compare the various supply chain models, define and describe various SCM technologies and describe logistics automation.

  • Discuss Infrastructure Management, planning, coordination, management and maintenance of Infrastructure and disaster planning.

  • Discuss e-business strategy, design, planning, development and implementation issues, legal and regulatory issues. 


Course Outline

1. E-business basics

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

3. E-commerce

4. Supply Chain Management (SCM)

5. Infrastructure Management (IM)

6. E-business management  

 Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this courseThere are no prerequisites for this course

 CompTIA e-Biz+ Certification

The CompTIA e-Biz+ Certification measures baseline knowledge about the topics that impact e-business initiatives. CompTIA e-Biz+ tests basic concepts, key issues and critical technologies of e-business, supplying IT and business professionals alike with a solid e-business foundation.

CompTIA e-Biz+ is designed for technical and non-technical individuals who work in an e-business environment. It is also suitable for marketing and sales professionals who need an understanding of e-business for management, finance and customer service functions. Once CompTIA e-Biz+ certified, these professionals are better able to contribute to their organization's e-business success.

e-Business is dramatically changing global business practices and markets. Whether you work for a start-up venture built around an Internet-enabled business model or a 50,000-person enterprise with an e-business agenda, success in the marketplace is derived from clearly defined, value-driven initiatives that innovate or re-engineer key operational centers of the enterprise.


CompTIA e-Biz+ and Your Career
The demand for skilled e-Commerce professionals is significant and both candidates and the industry have indicated that an entry-level certification for this job function is necessary. Becoming CompTIA

e-Biz+ certified gives individuals a recognized industry credential that offers proof of knowledge and expertise.




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